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Spring Special – $25/hr (limited time only)

Bob G.
 “Alka and David are not only true professionals who have a tremendous talent when it comes to organizing spaces, they are also a delight to work with." 
Kanta A.
 "I was very pleased with the approach of Alka and David regarding the renovation and re-organization of our Condo Laundry room and Kitchenette area. They worked very efficiently and tenaciously to transform our laundry room and beautify our Kitchenette area. They helped us organize and maximize our small spaces and made them much more functional. We would not hesitate to use or refer their services again for future projects." 
Ravi K.
 "Alka from "Organize and Harmonize" were always easy to get in touch with and followed up with me on a regular basis. I have already recommended this company to my friends and will highly recommend them to anyone else who needs a re-organization done. Thanks so much Alka, I am so happy with your work. When I need any other work done on my store, I will not hesitate to call you." Thanks again for a job well done.  
 "It was a pleasure working with this genuinely nice couple - Alka Cooper - who were very diligent and conscientious about their work. They take pride in their work and would not cut corners to complete it any faster; which I tested and respected! Bottom line; the end result far exceeded my expectations. They were very detail orientated with the presentation, measurements, notes and completed it on time, without compromising on their values. They were professional about returning calls in a timely manner. I truly do appreciate Alka and David's guidance and assistance on this initial project towards getting myself organized." 
 "Alka answered all my questions with great patience, making sure I understood all that would happen. The quote was outlined in detail, explained carefully and was very reasonable. I did not have to keep my business closed for too long as they worked flexible and extended hours whenever required, all along being efficient and courteous. Considering the size of the contract, I was very pleased that the work was started and completed on time and on budget." 
Chandra K
 "I can't thank David and Alka from Organize & Harmonize enough for the amazing work they have done at my store. They have converted an aged 80’s Linen business setting into an organized, modern and beautiful looking store, which I’m absolutely proud of." 
S. Kumar
 "The perfectionism shown in all the renovations and re-organization at every stage is to be admired. All the details of revamping the space were taken care of with much precision. I really appreciated the added "little touches" they recommended at little or no cost. They always found innovative and creative solutions to any challenge that arose." Thank you Alka