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Spring Special – $25/hr (limited time only)

Whole Home/Business Organizing

We work with the home or business owner to get rid of clutter, donate items that no longer serve you, sell items usable by others and display items that are beautiful and memorable.  We make your space much more efficient and beautiful. At the end of the project you will be left with a feeling of lightness and calmness. You will no longer  waste time searching for items because everything will have a home.

 Downsizing and Moving

 Downsizing and moving are an exciting transition in your life but they also can be one of the most stressful and anxious times as well. Whether you are downsizing or changing residence, we are here to help you decide if an item is worth moving, donating, selling or “chucking”. We will help you create an end-to-end plan to take out the stress and worry of a downsize and/or move.

We can even help you with packing items as well as supervise the movers, help you unpack and place items the most efficient way possible in your new home. Moving can be an overwhelming and time consuming task, so let us help cut down on your time and stress and help make your move a smooth and positive transition. 


Estate Clearing

 During these most difficult of times, allow us to take care of your loved one’s precious belongings by identifying where they need to belong. We will work with other partners to ease this sometimes overwhelming situation. If the goal is to sell the residence, then we will also have the home de-cluttered and ready for sale by professionally staging the home. We will help to ship items if need be. We are a spiritual and compassionate team who have the utmost respect and understanding for our clients.


Home Staging

 We have an eye for colour and beauty  which allows us to make your home as desirable as possible by the buyers. We will patch up and paint walls, declutter, remove personalized items and create a calm and welcoming environment. Your home will sell faster and for more money than an un-staged home.


Compassionate Coaching

Whether it’s alongside one of our services or as a stand-alone, we are available for coaching through organizing tips, time management tools, life coaching, etc. We all experience difficult challenges in our lives and it always helps to talk. We will listen without judgment. All conversations are strictly confidential and are practiced in a caring and compassionate way.